Kingmaker (session 14)
The Varnhold Stockade, The Nomen Tribe & The Rite of Passage

The Varnhold Stockade

Spriggans.jpg After searching the town, the party infiltrates the stockade on the south part of town. They notice that on one of its entrances, there are helmets posted on spikes that can just be seen over the palisade, giving the illusion that it’s guarded. However, when Doug scouts ahead, he sees one spriggan near a campfire in the middle of the stockade feeding two of his dire wolves. At the end of the stockade is a small watchtower with murder holes in its top two floors, with a small overlook on top. Corvo decides to charge the spriggan with the two wolves and hits him badly. As soon as he does, the stockade sounds the alarm and arrows come flying from the murder holes, as other spriggans join the fight. Doug almost succumbs to the hail of arrows but manages to flee behind a nearby shed for cover. The rest of the spriggans grow in size and attack fiercely. When the guards eventually get killed, the arrows stop shooting and the murder holes close. The party finds a large pit trap in front of the door but manage to bypass it. As they enter the fort they cautiously navigate its corners and eventually come to a stairway leading upward to a closed door. As the party head up the stairs, the stairs slide down and the heroes tumble to the bottom. Leaving Elania’s pet behind, the party decides to rather scale the fort to the top.

mo-risar-stockade.jpg After they successfully climb to the top of the fort they see that there is a wooden trapdoor on the floor of the lookout. Corvo smashes the trapdoor with his morningstar but as soon as he does several arrows hit him. The party quickly engages in battle in close quarters with four dominated human guards and a spriggan captain. The humans quickly fall to the sword but the captain proves a challenge as he almost kills Doug. He is eventually slain and as soon as he falls, the flaming battleaxe in his hands releases the magic on the guards. This proves useless however as they are already slain. The party searches the rest of the stockade and stocks up on some powerful magic items as well as finds some sort of battle map of the stolen lands, with a marked centaur tribe location as well as other points of interest.

raven_familiar_by_dleoblack-d4zclmk.jpg The party rests in the fort for the night and in the morning they investigate the old man to see if he is still there. However, they find the old man, collapsed on the floor, still the same corpse as before. They decide to leave him alone for now and leave the inn and head back to the temple. Inside they try to take the scrolls again but a lighting hits Elania as she does so. She survives the blast but decides to instead make an offering before taking the next one. She offers some magical items and takes another scroll, this time with no lightning as the item disappears. As she offers another item, it is apparently not enough and she suffers another lightning blast, almost killing her. She decides to leave the rest of the scrolls alone and the party heads out of town. As they do, they notice the same raven as before, but this time it is on the ground on the other side of the river. As the party charges after it they almost fall into a trap but suffer no damage. They manage to shoot the raven down as it tries to fly off and it falls to the ground. When they grab it however, it vanishes as it appears it was a familiar. They gather their gear and head out of town, but as soon as they come out of town they notice the army they encountered before, but this time there are only ghosts, and as they enter the town they immediately disperse.

The Nomen Tribe

300px-Centaurs_concept_art.jpg The party heads out of town and after an hour or so of traveling, they encounter a Nomen centaur war party. The war party surrounds the heroes in numbers and interrogate them immediately. The party chooses not to divulge too much information and after a while they are forced to follow the war party back to their camp. As they enter the camp they see a large centaur tribe numbering about a hundred or so. They are greeted by Lysa Silverfire, the chieftain’s right hand as she escorts them to the head tent. Inside the party encounters a female centaur chieftain named Aecora Silverfire. Diplomatic approach seems difficult, but as the party divulges some information on the events they’ve seen, she begins to trust them a little more and tells them of the conflict between her tribe and the humans. She tells them that her tribe is charged with guarding the lich’s tomb to the south as she fears he has risen again. She asks the party to help her with some of the tribe’s problems in exchange for passage to the lich’s lair. The party agrees and they set off to the blood furrows to the east of the camp to slay a bullette as proof of their worthiness.

The Rite of Passage

Monster_Manual_4e_-_Bulette_-_p38.jpg The party sets off to the blood furrows and come across a small valley with piles of torn game on one side of it. The party decides to hide on the nearby hill and wait. After a while a giant bullette alpha male approaches the game pile. Before it gets a chance to munch on the corpses however, it is attacked by the party and it charges at them furiously. The fight proves difficult but the bullette is eventually slain, effectively dispersing the rest of its herd. They tie ropes around it and pull it with much difficulty back to the tribe.

manticore_by_lucasgraciano-d3dz2k4.jpg For the next test the party is charged by investigating the strange disappearances of centaur scouts in the nearby nomen burial mound. The party rides forth and eventually come across a small forest with some graves scattered on the ground. Some appear open and others not, but the forest itself seems suspicious as the crowns of the trees are almost completely vertical, covering most of the sunlight that would otherwise pour through. As Elania climbs one of the trees she is ambushed by three manticores and she sees Nugrah once again, floating on top of her and laughing derisively before disappearing. She falls down the tree from the attacks that hit her and the party manages to slay the manticores pretty quickly. They chop off their heads and investigate the graves. After some digging they notice that one of the graves is actually a secret passage leading down into a secret cavern which looks like another burial ground underneath. It also appears that the cavern is magically protected but is currently not active. Using some voodoo mumbo jumbo, Elania manages to activate the magical protection and the party heads back to the tribe with the three manticore heads in hand.

When they return to the tribe they use some time to rest and recuperate before facing the final challenge.


The party earns 9470 XP each:

  • 3470 XP for clearing the Varnhold stockade of spriggans
  • 1600 XP for slaying the spriggan captain
  • 800 XP for surviving the pit trap
  • 400 XP for surviving Erastil’s punishment
  • 2130 XP for killing Kankerata (Bulette alpha)
  • 1070 XP for securing the nomen burial grounds
Kingmaker (session 13)
The Varnhold Vanishing part 1&2: Exploring the Nomen Heights and Varnhold

The Varnhold Vanishing


Part 1: Exploring the Nomen Heights

fantasy_castle_by_jbrown67-d7mu200.jpg A month passes in the Stolen Lands and our heroes tend to their kingdom’s needs, stock up on gear and indulge in overall buffoonery until they are approached by a woman named Jamandi Aldori who tells the party of strange happenings in the town of Varnhold to the east. She explains that diplomatic contact with the town has been severed and that the ruling nations are contemplating attacking the town because of disappearing messengers sent to it. She explains that she wishes to open a martial arts school in Varnhold and that the party should investigate whats going on. She also tells them that her brother Tomin has disappeared whilst traveling to Varnhold and pleads the party to find him. The heroes agree and set off to Varnhold.

250px-Alyn_Spiller_The_Bloody_Gate.png The party decides to take the scenic route and head through the steppe east. After a day of traveling they come across a large waterfall pouring from the shrike river down a large cliff. The party decides to go around and come across another valley with waterfalls pouring down. The banks of the waterfalls however are quite high and they decide to go around this chasm as well. Eventually they come across the main road and a fort blocking their way. They realize that this is fort Serenko and discern that it has apparently been abandoned recently, probably because of the impending civil war in Brevoy. They use the fort to stay the night and on the morrow, a patrol appears in front of its gates. The party decides it’s safe to let them in and they do so. The patrol leader tells them that they are on their way to Restov as the armies are gathering there for some reason. As soon as the patrol leaves the gate on the other side however, Elania flies after them and notices that they disappeared without a trace. Baffled and confused, they decide to venture forth regardless.

2015-FEB-MIlitary-Battles-of-Westeros-by-Tomasz-Jedruszek.jpg The party continues to follow the main road until they reach a small town named Nivakta’s Crossing. The party introduce themselves as the rulers of Dunwall and are invited to dine with Lord Mayor Irven Revanisu at his royal table. When they converse with the lord mayor however, they realize that he is the king’s cousin and that he has oppressive policies towards non-humans as he jokes about them being inferior and only to be used as servants and slaves. The party decides to stay the night as guests and leave the next morning, with haste. The next morning they head off the main road and head down south towards Varnhold over the plains. Soon enough the party comes across a large army, led by Lord Kevgold Dragonsbane, the son of the king. He explains that he and his army are headed to set camp at Kiravoy Bridge before heading to conquer Varnhold. He invites the party to join him, however the party declines and instead try to reach Varnhold before the army gets there. The party saddles up and charges south with haste.


9b7a986f4e90e59d8a97e5ddc7924850.jpg They cross the Varnhold bridge and head straight into town to investigate. As they approach, they notice that it looks completely abandoned. After a while, the party notices that they are being watched by a crow, flying high above. They decide to leave it alone for now and search the abandoned houses instead. Whilst searching one of the farmhouses, an enraged dire boar jumps out and attacks the party, but only proves to be a minor nuisance. As the party searches the houses before the riverbank that divides the rest of the town, they find some small treasures, including some unrefined beer and what appear to be tarnished centaur hides. They also notice that some of the doors have the word “Nomen” written on them. When the party tries to cross the muddy river, a chuul jumps out and attacks them. He lands a few hard hits but dies rather quickly. After they cross the river, they search the rest of the town. In one of the barns they come under attack by several rat swarms but burn them using spells and items, without too much hassle. When they search a nearby blacksmith they notice that there is a stable attached to it and, whilst investigating, a murder of crows flies out of one of the stables. The party finishes off the crows and gathers the remaining loot. Afterwards, Elania tries to taunt the flying crow above by using some of the dead crows as bait, but the crow pays no mind.

corpse_and_book_by_manzanedo-d7i8lj9.jpg Searching the rest of the houses they come across a temple of Erastil, with several scrolls hidden under its altar. When they try to take one of them, the nearby wall collapses and a group of undead clerics point at the party as a warning. The party puts the scrolls back and notices that apparently it was only an illusion, but still decide to leave the scrolls for now. In the abandoned inn, they find an old man, standing silent and perfectly still, facing a paper-strewn table in the corner of the common room, one hand clutching a book. The back of his skull is a shattered mess of blood and bone, though his face betrays no notice of this mortal wound. When the party approaches him they notice his is certainly dead but still staring into a book on the table as if under some sort of spell. Doug carefully closes the book using his rapier but notice that it doesn’t affect the old man, and that the book is still permeating a magical aura. They leave the two alone for now and search the rooms in the inn for anything valuable. In one of the rooms they come across a large volume of history books and learn of the nearby Nomen centaur tribe and of a powerful cyclops lich named Vordakai. They also learn the the man downstairs is apparently a researcher named Maestro Pendrod. They decide to search for more clues in the other houses and, among other things, find a folding boat that the party quickly stashes away.

When they search the rest of the buildings, they notice that the only thing remaining to investigate is the stockade at the south of town, so they prepare for the worst and unsheathe their weapons.


The party earns 3610 XP each:

  • 400 XP for killing the enraged hog
  • 1070 XP for defeating the chuul
  • 1070 XP for killing the murder of crows
  • 1070 XP for killing the rat swarms
Kingmaker (session 12)
Rivers Run Red part 4&5: The Candlemere Tower & Hunting the Beast

Shambling_mound_-_Lars_Grant-West.jpg When the party approaches the ominous caves once more, they decide to explore them as Doug scouts the entrances for potential foes. On one smaller side entrance he finds a cavern filled with roots and undergrowth and also senses some movement in between. Using caution he instead picks the main entrance and proceeds into its dark cavern. As soon as he enters he finds a large pack of violet mushrooms growing in the center of the room. They appear to be hugely oversized than normal so he decides to simply use his necklace of fireballs and throw one straight at it. As he does, the blast forces the mushroom plant to awaken as well as damaging a shambling mound in the overgrown room nearby. They both attack ferociously and manage to harm the party quite badly before dying.

Spiders.jpg After the encounter, Doug scouts the caves ahead. He finds one filled with cobwebs and being the stealthy rogue that he is he manages to reveal the hidden caveweaver spiders within. The party decides to deal with them from afar so they set up an ambush as Doug attacks them with his crossbow. The spiders charge forward, falling into their doom one by one as Corvo and Elania slash them as they come out of the cavern. One spider manages to flee deeper into the tunnels however. The party decides it’s best to leave it for now and proceed into the largest cavern in the caves.

The_owlbear_as_shown_in_the_D_D_4th_Edition_Essentials_Monster_Vault.png Inside they see a small pond filled with sparkling water on one side of the room and a small pit of lava flowing from a hole in the corner ceiling. The middle of the room is lit by a shimmer of light passing down through a large hole in the ceiling. As the party tries to explore further, the caveweaver spider that was attacking them before, attacks from the room behind them while a giant enraged owlbear jumps down from the hole in the ceiling and throws everybody against the wall. The spider falls quickly to the sword, but the owlbear proves a dangerous foe indeed as he almost kills Corvo with a few attacks from his mighty paws. The party manages to retreat into the room before causing the owlbear to charge after them, but only managing to get itself stuck in the narrow passage. The party quickly fires off some ranged attacks into it as it eventually breaks free and climbs back into the hole above. The party organizes themselves by throwing Doug upward onto the hole as he grabs himself and pulls himself into it. He carefully climbs up and eventually comes to another hole in the side through which he can hear a humanoid voice as well as light protruding through it. He decides to throw his last fireball from his necklace into it and jumps down. The fireball explodes accompanied by humanoid screams and owlbear howls as Doug lands safely down into the room and a charred corpse of a humanoid falls down right next to him. The owlbear makes one final attack as he jumps down on the party and attacks. He manages to badly wound the party, but eventually succumbs to his wounds and dies. The party finds a crystal gem on one of the owlbear’s victims and Elania decides to use its unknown power; for a brief moment she is able to scry upon a beautiful nymph, before the nymph notices this and commands the gem to explode, damaging the party.

ettercap4.jpg Sensing that they’ve ended the threat, the party explores the rooms for loot and manage to find some weapons and gold among the many strewn corpses. They also find a small passage leading upward from one of the rooms. Doug decides to climb through to investigate while Elania shapeshifts into an earth elemental and glides near him through the rocks. Doug finds that the passage leads into another cavern, this one leading to the surface with a couple of spiders as well as an ettercap guarding it. He decides to sneak attack them while Elania emerges from the wall and pushes the ettercap off the edge of the cliff. The beasts prove a minor nuisance as they are quickly slain by our heroes. They also realize that the caves were under a giant volcano as it suddenly erupts without warning, sending blazing lava all around the mountain. The party quickly gathers all the loot they can find and run back to town.

809a8fc311b8102a25b79b1403d92176.jpg When they arrive in town they are met with celebration and thanks as the word has already spread that the beast has been slain. Overjoyed citizens praise our heroes’ names and throw a celebration in their name. Our heroes recuperate and stock up on supplies after the exhausting battle and ride out the next to investigate the forgotten tower on the island in the middle of the lake westward. The lake is inaccessible by land so the party decides to split up; Elania shapeshifts into a giant squid as Doug and Corvo borrow a fishing boat from the local fishermen.

willowisp.jpg When they reach the island they see hundreds of lights swooping and dancing around it. Corvo and Doug carefully disembark and proceed to investigate. As Elania approaches the island the party is ambushed immediately by a pack of will-o-wisps that attack fiercely. They prove quite a nuisance, with their natural invisibility and attack undetected. The party uses trial and error to eventually kill them all before they succumb to their electric attacks. They proceed forward to investigate the tower but notice that it is more or less just a crumbling ruin. However, Doug manages to find a chest hidden among the rubble and finds a curved magical dagger inside. As soon as he takes it, the tower collapses over his head and he quickly jumps outside. As soon as the tower crumbles, a giant eye appears above it, scanning the party. It speaks with a familiar voice, like the nymph they were scrying upon earlier. She speaks a few ominous words then disappears. As it does, so do the will-o-wisps around it as the disperse in all directions. The party, sensing that the tower is no longer a threat, decide to retreat to town and annex the tower later on.

When they arrive they order some ale at the tavern and get some well deserved rest.


The party earns 4300 XP each:

  • 800 XP for clearing the tower
  • 3500 XP for clearing the owlbear caves

The party reaches level 7!

The party concludes chapter 2!

Kingmaker (session 11)
Rivers Run Red part 3: The Forgotten Keep

The Forgotten Keep

640x292_5924_forgotten_castle_3d_fantasy_landscape_forest_castle_vue_trees_mountains_serene_picture_image_digital_art.jpg After dealing with the troll, the party ventures forth to explore the forgotten keep to the northwest. When they traverse the thick forest they eventually find the keep, overgrown, with a ruined circular wall around it. They see that there are four ruined towers on each end and a bigger pretty well preserved tower in the middle. They find that the only two entrances into the keep is a ruined portcullis hanging above the main entrance as well as a ruined wall section on the other side of the keep. Doug scouts the entrance for traps and notices that the portcullis is very shaky and will probably fall if they pass through. He tries to find a hidden switch of some sort to disable it but alas he does not. They decide to rather climb over the wall instead. Doug climbs over it and finds several trees in the courtyard and decides to tie the rope to one of them and tosses the other end over the wall. The party climbs over, and as soon as they do, a quickling rogue runs out from one of the towers and attacks. He proves tough to hit because of his incredible speed, but the party manages to wound him pretty badly regardless. Sensing death approaching he runs with his incredible speed back into the tower and runs up the walls. As the party follow him in, they see him standing on a ruined floor above and he makes another run for it, running on the walls and jumping out of a hole in the top of the tower. Elania, waiting on top of the tower, shapeshifted into a vulture, hits him one more time before he jumps over the wall and runs off into the forest.

IMG_ASSASSIN_VINE_01.png The party chooses not to follow him but instead explores the rest of the keep. They loot whatever was left in the tower with the quickling and prepare to enter the tower on the other side. Corvo stands guard in front of the door with his tower shield while one of the others opens the door. Inside they find a a weird shroom-like fey surrounded by vines hanging from the ceiling. He immediately attacks and Corvo charges forward towards him. When he enters however, the vines above him come alive and start flailing him. He proves resilient against their poisons and manages to slay the fay with ease. The plant falls soon after as the party utilizes several fire spells and fireballs against it. When they clear the tower they loot whatever they find and explore the other two towers.

pzo1127_rat_king_by_critical_dean-d6t11af.jpg In one of them they only find debris with some valuables hidden inside which takes the party quite a while to find. When they explore the last outer tower they find several rat swarms crawling inside. Before they have a chance to act however, Corvo slams the door shut. After that, Elania decides to float above it in her eagle form and she finds a small hole on the top of the tower. She sees one of the rat swarms crawling on a crumbled floor in the tower. She fires a fireball on top of it and hears squeaks from inside. After a while, the swarms begin to emerge from the hole one after another and the party bombards them with fireballs and end their threat quickly.

tumblr_myqmc7Zzr61sazby5o1_400.jpg The party however has endured many wounds and decides to rest in the same tower. Elania decides to stand first guard. After about an hour however, they are awoken by the quickling who dashes down the wall and attacks, while the doors open by a half naked dancing fey woman who enchants Doug and the quickling with her seductive moves. The party quickly dispatch of the charmed quickling and later, the dancing lady. However, as soon as she dies, she releases a scream that weakens Doug and Bogi (Elania’s new bear pet) considerably. Sensing that they can’t remove the curse just yet, they decide to leave the problem for later.

Gnomes_Badger.jpg When they decide to explore the main tower in the middle, Doug scouts the entrance for traps and finds one that triggers as soon as they enter the room. Elania summons a badger and sends it inside. The trap triggers and the badger starts to…dance. While the badger triggers the trap, Elania flies up and to the wooden window a floor above. She sees a well furnished room and flies inside. She then ties a rope to the leg of a bed and throws the other end out of the window. Corvo starts to climb the rope but the leg breaks and he falls down and hurts himself slightly. Doug then throws a grappling hook instead and they both climb up. They loot the room for any valuables and also find a very expensive stone statue. However, since they have no way to transport it out, they decide to head back to town and send some villagers to retrieve it. They rest the night and head back in the morning.

feeae723214d955783d2445d225ec3a3.jpg When they wake in the morning and go outside to mount their horses, they notice that two of them are doing some sort of…dance, while one of them is lying dead on the ground obviously choked from the rope it was tied to. With several problems they somehow bring the two horses back to town, but when they do, trouble ensues. The town, as well as the nearby farms have smoke coming from them as if they were on fire.

301_0141-burning_castle.jpg.jpg When they arrive in town they notice that a part of the castle has broken off as well as two blocks in town have been demolished. When they enter the castle, they are informed that a raging giant owlbear has ravaged the town and fled back into the forest. Before they investigate, they try to find a cure for the dancing lady’s curse firstly by asking Jhod if he can heal them. However, the curse is beyond his capability, so the party decides to annex the temple of Erastil deeper in the forest, but before that, they decide to go to Erastil’s statue in the middle of the forest. Cleaning the statue once more, they are blessed by Erastil once more and the curse is partially removed. Sensing no alternative, they decide to take some time to expand their kingdom to annex the temple. They do so and build a city there but it takes some time to complete and the owlbear issue is still unresolved, so the party decides to track it down. They track it down south…straight into the infested cave they found a while ago.

Before they enter they collect their barrings and prepare for the adventure ahead.


The party earns 2000 XP each:

  • 2000 XP for clearing the keep
Kingmaker (session 10)
Rivers Run Red part 2: Into the Wild pt. 3 and The Troll Lair

Into the Wild pt. 3

leucrotta_by_arvalis-d8dvxou.jpg In the hopes of removing Doug‘s cursed eye, our heroes search for the nefarious druid. Whilst contemplating how to summon him however, they answer the call of yet another wanted poster, this one, about some missing children from a nearby village. They stock up on supplies, get some well deserved rest and go to investigate. When they reach the village they realize that there’s only one resident left; the village elder, who tells them that the rest of the villagers have fled to the heroes’ town of Dunwall. He also tells them that the children were apparently led into the nearby forest. He asks them to find the children while he heads for town. Our heroes head in with vigilance and start searching it. After a while they come across a ditch in the middle of the forest with three entrances leading into dark natural caves. Our heroes decide to peek in each one and notice that the three entrances are probably connected. From all three entrance comes the sound of a child pleading for help. They pick the middle one while Elania casts an entangle spell on the clearing behind them. When they enter however, Corvo suddenly starts walking deeper into the cave against his will as if being led there. When he walks deeper, an angry leucrotta pounces in his face. Whilst fighting it, they notice that it’s imitating voices of small children. Before they manage to slay it, it jumps onto the ceiling and runs outside the cave. When the party chases it outside they see it lying on the ground, dead with blood gushing out of it. They cut off its head and explore the cave. In a corner they see the leucrotta’s lair, adorned with polished small children’s skulls. Not finding much else in the cave they head back to town.

61d601d0511aedd881ce72276fa5285b.jpg While they are traveling back to town, they meet the elder halfway. However when he turns around, he is shapeshifted into his true form, and it is indeed Nugrah, the druid. He smiles at the party and thanks them for bringing another head to him. After a short conversation, the party realizes that Nugrah has apparently posted all of the wanted posters in order to procure certain beast heads. He tells them that the leucrotta is the last one he needs. He agrees to remove the eye of Gyronna from Doug‘s hand if they hand him the leucrotta’s head. Elania smells trouble as she suspects that Nugrah is up to something vicious, but after some contemplation, they agree to his terms. After they hand him the head, he lifts his hand and the head disappears into an extradimensional portal. After that, he uses magic to pull off the eye of Gyronna from Doug‘s hand. The eye then floats over Nugrah’s head and embeds itself in his forehead and he disappears. After that, Elania flies back to the village and notices that it’s gone, as well as the forest.

640x360_5998_Alba_2d_fantasy_architecture_village_well_picture_image_digital_art.jpg Relieved that they are rid of the eye, but somewhat concerned about what they traded off, our heroes head back to town. They heal up and head to the castle to take care of some managerial problems. A month passes and the heroes expand their empire, annexing the Old Beladame‘s hut in the process. She arrives at the castle some time later and joins the heroes’ council, filling the last vacant role. After that, our heroes head into the forest again.

Munguk.png They head south to the hill giant. Elania shapeshifts into a vulture and flies above to scout ahead. He sees the giant in the middle of the forest, sitting on a rock, drinking the last alcoholic drops of a broken jug. The rest of the heroes approach him cautiously, and hail him. He turns around and takes the nearby greatclub into his hand. He seems vary and yells at them. Our heroes have brought several alcoholic beverages with them and they present them to him. He immediately runs over and pulls the bottle from their hands and drinks it all in two giant gulps, then looks like he wants more. They proceed to give him several bottles of alcohol until they run out and the giant is happily drunk. He leans on Corvo and sits next to him on the rock. The giant proceeds to explain several things, but because of severe communication problems, one of them being that nobody in the party understands giant, they don’t discern much from him. They do however plow him with more alcoholic drink that Doug and Elania went brought back from town after several hours. The giant eventually passes out and the party quickly loots his body, finding several useful magic items. After a while however, he wakes up and notices that his loot is missing. He gets very angry and immediately attacks the party. However, he is too slow and the party kills him quickly. They pack the loot and venture forth.

The Troll Lair

trolls_by_armandeo64.jpg The party decides, after several rumors and wanted posters to clear out the nearby troll keep. When they approach the abandoned keep they see it is built into the face of a cliff with a stone wall stretching out of it as well as a stone tower. The party carefully approaches the wall by the upward path touching the cliff. Doug scouts ahead and notices that the wall has several gaps in it and peeks through one of them. He notices that it’s completely dark inside, but he discern two dark figures argouing with each other. While the rest of the party reaches him, he decides to climb on top of the wall. He notices a small trapdoor on the top of it and slowly opens it. As he does, a small ray of light beams through it and illuminates the two trolls. One of them notices the light and quickly investigates. Doug leaves the trapdoor open and hangs over the wall. When the troll peeks under the trapdoor, he notices nothing and goes back. The party decides to barge in with full force and so Doug starts shooting the trolls through the trapdoor. Meanwhile Corvo and Elania barge in through the wall door and join the fight. One more troll runs down the nearby stairs leading to the tower and joins the fight. The party finishes them by using a necklace of fireballs. They gather inside and find themselves in a stone room with one pair of stairs leading upward towards the tower and another leading downward. Doug scouts the upward stairs and climbs to the top of the tower. However it seems that the troll that was here already joined the fight earlier. When they travel down the other stairs they come to a large chamber with a stone slab in the middle, with a headless humanoid corpse on top of it, with a troll feeding bits of it to a nearby trollhound. They notice the party soon enough and attack but don’t prove much of a challenge. When the party finishes them off they notice that this room branches off two ways. One leads to a kennel holding two trollhounds who angrily try to break their chains. When the party approaches one of them manages to break free, the other one soon after. They fall quickly to the sword however.

6dcc7c47dacd211df9e644f97a6a8d45.jpg The party then explores the other path that leads to a storage room with tons of supplies in it. Doug discerns that it can be used as building materials for their kingdom but would take several trips to carry all back. They decide to leave it be until they rid the keep of all threats. The storage room then leads further into a dug out cave that branches off to several paths. Doug scouts ahead and notices a large white skinned in his own cave chamber as well as two more trolls in another. They decide to lay an ambush and lure them into the rooms way back. They manage to lure them back and take care of them quickly except for the white skinned troll, who manages to lay a couple of nasty hits. When they explore further they find two last rooms; one with a large rock troll and the other with a strange two-headed troll. The rock troll notices them as they approach however and attacks immediately. The party, badly damaged at this point decides to flee and the rock troll chases them all the way to the entrance. Elania quickly casts a group of dire badgers behind her in order to stop his advance, but when Corvo opens the front door of the keep, he gets attacked by three more trolls outside. They then climb the ladder and try to escape before it catches them. Elania climbs to the top and morphs into a giant vulture as Corvo…mounts her and they fly above the keep. Meanwhile, Gimp jumps over the wall and over the troll guarding the pass and runs off. Doug goes last and he jump over the wall and down the cliff. He manages to land, somewhat undamaged, while one of the trolls jumps behind him. At this point, the rock troll jumps out and makes a large hole where the trapdoor used to be. However, when he gets exposed to the sunlight he starts to petrify so he jumps back inside quickly. The other troll scales the walls quickly as well and manages to flee inside through the hole. The last troll, under the cliff tries to pummel Doug while Corvo manages to shoot several arrows into him as Elania casts several damaging spells. The troll, badly damaged, also tries to flee by scaling the cliff and he manages to make it to the wall, but as he tries to scale it, Corvo’s arrow manages to finish him off and he falls to his death.

latest.jpg The party quickly decides to regroup a safe distance away and heal their wounds. They spend two nights tending their wounds and then travel back to the keep. When they re-enter however, they notice that it’s completely empty and the supplies have been dragged deeper into the backdoor caves. When they approach the two-headed troll’s lair, they notice that the ground had lowered as if excavated leading lower into darkness. The party carefully explores it and after a while comes to a large hole in the ground leading some hundred feet down. Corvo however senses that the path behind them is about to cave in and that they have two choices: either go in the hole or run back, risking getting caved in. Doug decides to take his chances and dashes back but is not quick enough and gets plowed in sand. Elania and Corvo try to dig him out but as soon as they do, the rock troll emerges from the hole behind them and attacks. He proves quite difficult and as soon as they slay him, the two headed troll emerges and starts charging them, with two trolls behind him. After a fierce battle, Elania‘s pet dies, once again. The two trolls however are dead and the party manages to uncover some of Doug’s lost equipment, then descends into the hole. At the bottom they come to a small earthen room with a small shaft with sunlight coming through. Elania traverses the shaft in rock elemental form and finds the supplies buried near it. The party climbs out of the hole and heads to town in order to get some villagers to bring back to supplies.

When they do, the kingdom is slightly richer and the party prepares for further threats.


The party earns 4000 XP each:

  • 400 XP for slaying the treacherous leucrotta
  • 600 XP for killing Munguk the hill giant
  • 3000 XP for clearing the troll keep
Kingmaker (session 9)
Rivers Run Red part 2: Into the Wild pt. 2 and Isle of the Lizard King

Rivers Run Red part 2

fantasy-castle-hilltop.jpg After defeating the tomb’s undead residents, our heroes return to town to divide the spoils. Corvo also heads to the blacksmith to try and repair the broken fey bane bastard sword he found on the skeleton’s corpse. He accepts the sword and tells them it will be repaired in about 3 days. When our heroes retreat to the castle, managerial decisions await them, yet again: they grant an audience to both Jubilost and Corax who wish to join the heroes’ council. The heroes agree and grant them positions of Royal Assassin and General, respectively. A while later they are also approached by the Old Beladame, who seeks an audience with Corvo. She tells them she feels very lonely in her shack and would be willing to join their council when her hex gets annexed. Our heroes also agree to her request.

doctor_who___town_crier_by_atomhawk-d4lwrni.jpg When she leaves however, the ruler’s councilors, Perlivash and Tyg-Titter Tut, warn him of a newcomer bard named Grigori, who is apparently spreading dissent in the town square. He’s apparently trying to incite the local population against the heroes’ rule by spreading rumors and lies. Our heroes quickly decide to intervene. Firstly they approach the large crowd that has apparently gathered around the bard and listen to what he’s saying. The bard bellows out numerous accusations of the heroes actions, blaming them for numerous issues, including luring the werewolf into town, embarking on futile expeditions to increase their personal gain, a long term of unrest and a lot more. The heroes decide to try and resolve the conflict peacefully so they try to win the crowd’s favor by disproving his claims and proving that everything they did, they did to help their kingdom. The bard suddenly loses the crowd and decides to retreat to the local inn and tells the crowd that he will return tomorrow. Doug decides to stealthily stalk him to the inn while the rest of the party observe his room from other angles. When Grigori enters his room, Doug hears him cursing into what Elania sees from outside to be a rune stone as the rune stone speaks back and tells him to continue his mission. From what Doug discerns from the conversation, it appears that Grigori is from a kingdom named Pitax and its ruler wants him to spread descent amongst the heroes’ kingdom. The party decides to capture him, discreetly. Doug picks the lock on the room and stealthily knocks out Grigori at night. He ties him up and rolls him up into a bedroll, then throws him out of the window for Corvo to catch him. They then send the town patrol away and carry him into the castle’s dungeon. After that, a litany of interrogation techniques begin which, among other things, involve Doug dancing on Grigori‘s genitals, knocking out several teeth and more. The heroes then decide they will send him away to his kingdom, with a terrible curse as a warning to others. Doug also takes Grigori’s clothes and disguises himself and walks to the town square the next morning. He cons the crowd with a clever ruse: pretending he is Grigori and that he has had a religious awakening; that the gods have spoken to him and that they will strike down lightning if he continues his work. Cleverly, as soon as he gives the speech, Elania casts a call lightning spell on the outskirts of town. This convinces the crowd immediately as Doug slips out of town discreetly, while Corvo and Elania smuggle out Grigori as well. They put him on a horse, tied up and Elania curses him with a spell that makes him magically starve. Then they send him on his way and return to town. A month later, a traveler arrives in the town inn, and Doug manages to eavesdrop on a story he has to share: apparently Grigori made it back to Pitax and as soon as he did, he barged into the royal court and started munching on the lord’s dinner plate. The lord then hung him and after learning that Grigori was also sleeping with the lord’s sister, he hung Grigori’s family as well.

cave2.jpg After dealing with all the problems in town, the party decides to explore the wilderness yet again. Before they do however, they also gather another wanted poster at the town inn, this one, for a shambling mound that is apparently lumbering somewhere in the forest. They travel south and after a long journey come across a large cave. With Elania‘s keen perception and the sun’s illuminating angle, they see several large spiders and other horrid creatures inside as well as hearing a booming voice of an owlbear. They decide they leave the lair alone for now and travel to the lizard encampment instead.

Isle of the Lizard King

mQcHx.jpg As they approach the lizard tribe apparent location, they see a small mud island in the middle of a wide river with several mud huts with smoke coming out of their roofs as well as a large mud hut in the middle. The island has a palisade around it and an apparent gate with two lizardmen guards posted above it. Doug decides to swim to the gate and make contact. The lizardmen cautiously wait for him to speak and Doug convinces them to open the gate. The rest of the party swims ashore and the gate opens. Inside waits the entire tribe, with the tribe’s leader, Vesket who asks them several questions, after which he stops abruptly because Elania suddenly shapeshifts back into her normal form. Obviously superstitious, Vesket calls for Stisshak to come immediately. After a short while, a will-o-wisp flies over and starts screaming at the party and orders the tribe to attack. During the battle, Corvo manages to slay the will-o-wisp and the tribe stands down. They throw down their weapons and start praising the party as gods. After some inquiry the party learns that the will-o-wisp was revered as a god amongst the tribe and was taking away all of its food and that the tribe has been starving for a long time now. As the party killed the will-o-wisp, Vesket is convinced that heroes are gods as well and “crowns” them as their new leaders. The tribe brings fourth all of its riches and throw a feast with the will-o-wisp’s stolen food supplies. They form an alliance and are willing to fight for the heroes if they are willing to supply them with food. The heroes agree and also manage to procure a fine elvencraft dragon statuette. They gather their hoard and leave for town.

cultistkr1.png When they return to town they firstly bring the statuette to a local village harlot that was asking for it. She thanks them…ever so gratefully. The heroes, relieved and satisfied, retreat to their castle. Their hedonistic holiday ends abruptly however as the councilors warn them of another threat that has arrived in town: a secret religious cult of Gyronna that has apparently been recruiting people in town. The heroes decide to investigate and firstly go to the tavern to gather information. They discern that there are at least twelve cultists in town and gather information about their appearances and habits. Doug decides to wander through town and look for suspects. He finds a suspicious one and decides to stake out her home. She decides to leave her home at night, adorned with cultist’s robes and heading for the town gates. Doug quickly gathers the party and brings them along as they all track the cultist to a nearby barn on the outskirts of town. The cultist opens a hatch in the ground and walks down some stairs then closes the hatch above her. The party gathers around the hatch and plans their next move. Doug decides to disable an alarm he finds on the bottom of the hatch as Elania sneaks inside, morphed as a rat. She sees that there is a large cellar underneath the barn in which are seven female cultists, praying to an altar in the middle of the room. The altar has a large red gem on the top of it that looks like an eye. The party decides to lay an ambush outside and wait for the cultists to re-emerge. Elania however, before leaving the cellar, notices that the head cultist somehow made the altar lower under the stone floor, accompanied with a large flash that looked like some kind of unholy buff. The heroes decide to ambush them regardless and attack as soon as the leader emerges. During the fight however, they notice that they can’t even harm her, whilst killing the other cultists with ease. As the last of the cultists falls, the leader screams and grows in size then continues to attack furiously. Sensing that they might be in over their heads, Doug heads into the basement to try and gain access to the altar. He has some trouble however as the altar appears to be sealed under the floor. He decides to improvise as he tries to pry open the stone floor with his rapier and manages to slide open a small crevice. He then cuts his finger intentionally and lets the blood drip through the crevice onto the red gem eye. His plan proves very dangerous as the altar swiftly raises over the stone floor and the gem jumps from the altar and into Doug‘s hand. It singes itself in and doesn’t seem to want to let go. When this happens however, the lead cultist outside screams and dies. The heroes decide to quickly loot the bodies and go to town in order to try and get rid of this cursed eye.

250px-Gyronna_holy_symbol.jpg They go to the town’s cleric Jhod and ask him if he knows anything about the eye. He says that it is the Eye of Gyronna and is apparently a very powerful and evil artifact that grants the wearer unimaginable power, if he is willing to subvert to its evil whims. He knows of only two ways to remove it, and that is to find another shrine of Gyronna or find Nugrah the decrepit as only he knows of other ways to remove the eye. The party decides to first go to the temple of Erastil to try and get the eye off with his divine help. However, when they start approaching the temple, the eye starts to shake and Doug falls to the floor, screaming in pain. As they drag him closer, he feels his bones break and they decide to withdraw as drawing further would probably kill him.

The party retreats back to town and devises a plan for the adventures ahead.


The party earns 1900 XP each:

  • 900 XP for defeating the will-o-wisp and freeing the tribe
  • 400 XP for dealing with Grigori
  • 600 XP for dealing with the cult of Gyronna
Kingmaker (session 8)
Rivers Run Red part 2&3: Into the Wild & The Lonely Barrow

Part 2: Into the Wild

forest_town_by_xenomorph_designs-d3a0frb.jpg Our heroes, after slaying the werewolf that was murdering their citizens, tend to their empire’s needs. After months of numerous accounts of unrest and instability, luck finally shines on the heroes’ town. They build a castle to keep order and several houses as well. When the nation is somewhat stabilized they decide to venture forth into the wild, grabbing several wanted posters hanging outside their inn. One of them, is a missing child named Tig, who apparently disappeared recently. Our party investigates by talking to the two farmer parents who posted it and they tell our heroes that the child went missing when he was playing down south by the river.

ss377.jpg They venture south, to the beach with the former giant turtle lair and find a fisherman named Arven, who is fishing on it. He greets and thanks them for slaying the turtle and also rewards them by giving them a ring of feather falling. He also tells them that he saw small humanoid tracks leaving down to the mushroom overgrown mud bowl that he suspects are from Tig. The heroes thank him and continue further south. They catiously approach the mud bowl and when Corvo draws close, the giant fungus creature jumps out, with Tig laying unconscious and trapped within its tentacles. Our heroes carefully beat on the creature, and in the middle of the fight, Tig wakes up and breaks free. Our heroes charge on the creature and kill it. They take Tig back to town and his parents rejoice. This in turn increases the town’s loyalty.

market.jpg The party then ventures exploring the rest of the forest west of the town. Mid-travel however, they come across a caravan of screaming gnomes that are nervously pulling two ponies, held to a cart, being pulled away by a river’s strong current. Our heroes decide to intervene and utilize their horses to pull the cart out of danger. The gnomes rejoice and invite the party to a meal. Their leader, Jubilost Narthropple, tells them that they were an expedition looking for a place to settle down. They’ve also charted a lot of the southern greenbelt and offer to sell some of their maps to the party. The party however, haggles for a better deal: they offer the gnomes to join their kingdom and build a market in their town and give them the maps for free. They head to town with the party and close the deal.

art-devushka-prud-voda-ozero.jpg Our party rests and ventures further northwest into the forest. After a while they come across some felled trees laying around a small lake with two angry parties yelling at each other. One, a group of loggers, led by Corax, apparently chopped down two trees near the lake and the other, a small fey female named Melianse who is apparently the protector of the forest and has charmed two of the loggers. Our heroes decide to intervene diplomatically and try to calm both parties. After the two leaders give explanations, it is clear that the loggers felled down some protected trees and the dryad was merely defending herself. They decide to replace the trees and Elania uses her knowledge of nature to find two saplings nearby and plants them near the lake. Then they tell the other party that they can make a sawmill near their town and join them as well. This, in turn, resolves the situation peacefully and gains the party a new sawmill as well as a boost to their nation’s stability as Melianse promises to warn them of impending danger.

dryad___commission_by_miss_ninja.png The party decides to travel further and comes across another lake with a sad female dryad, crying into it. They approach calmly and ask her why she is mourning. She says that a possessed tree had recently went rampaging across the forest, killing creatures and felling trees and she fears that it will soon come for her and kill her, as well as fell her ancient oak tree. The heroes decide to save them both and travel south to kill the tree. They find a small clearing, full of bones and roots, with a dim light falling on it through the thick surrounding trees. They explore the clearing when suddenly, the scythe tree emerges behind them and attacks. The tree proves resistant to most damage…except for Corvo‘s bastard sword. The party slays the possessed tree and sure enough, the clearing lights up with sunlight as the curse disperses. They travel back to the dryad and Tiressia is now overjoyed as she felt the curse leave the forest. She also increases the nation’s stability by warning them of danger.

fantasy_countryside_by_jonathanp45-d60frqb.jpg The party decides to go back to town for some managerial business. During a their month of development, they are approached by a man named Loy Rezbin and his wife Latricia, who offer a proposal to establish a new village near the old tatzlwyrm den. They ask the heroes for some money to help start it and in turn will join their village to the nation upon completion, as well as halving the cost of the first castle, temple, market, tavern or inn built in the new village. The heroes agree and send them on their way with some starting cash.

swamp_witch_by_pervandr.jpg After taking care of administration, our heroes venture west to a swamp. They come across a hut in the middle of a bog with smoke coming out of a gaping hole in the hut’s roof. A fence guards the hut and a lone scarecrow is perched in front of the gate. Our heroes decide to be cautious and slowly approach the gate and wait. After several house, an old witch emerges from the hut and gathers some plants growing near it. When she tries to go back, our heroes engage her in conversation and with a little diplomacy from Corvo, she invites them inside. She tells them of a mad hermit to the northwest and also sends them on a quest to gather some of the mushrooms from the mud bowl. She asks however that Corvo stays behind, for she is very…lonely. The rest of the party agrees and trails off to gather the shrooms. When they come back they find Corvo naked, standing in front of the hag as she magically pulls of pieces of his armor. Elania intervenes however and casts Faerie Fire on his…member in order to make it glow. The hag shrieks and tells him to quickly put his clothes back on. After a moment of akwardness, they give the hag the mushrooms. In turn she gives them a magic staff.

32-mad_hermit.JPG The party decides to deal with the mad hermit and leave northwest. They find the hermit in the middle of the forest, dancing with his pet leopard minding his own business. As soon as they approach him they greet him and try to communicate. As soon as he turns to see them however, he shrieks and sends his pet to attack. The cat manages make a couple of nasty strikes to Corvo as the hermit knocks him prone with his whip. However the other party memebers interfere and they slay both the cat and the hermit. On him they find a locket that appears to resemble Bokken‘s mother. Our heroes quickly realize that they just killed Bokken’s brother. Another thing they find, amongst his hidden nearby chest, is a map, leading to an abandoned crypt where, apparently, a very powerful weapon has fallen into the hands of an undead warrior. The party quickly jots down its location and moves on. They travel to Oleg’s and return the locket to Bokken for a small reward.

hodag.png The party decides to travel west into the forest, in order to track down a hodag that a farmer from Dunwall threw his spear into and wants it back. The party comes across a laden of fallen trees over a forest path, full of cave-like hollows in between them. One in particular catches Doug‘s attention, one that appears to lead through a narrow passage to an underground cave. Corvo climbs in first and the hole is barely big enough for him, so the others merely follow him. He emerges into a small natural cave with an angered hodag at the far end of it. The hodag immediately charges forward and attacks Corvo. The others manage to join the fight a little later, however the beast doesn’t prove difficult to kill and falls to its death soon enough. They pull the spear from its back and emerge from the forest.

Green_dragon_fight.jpg The heroes decide to hunt down a forest drake that apparently made a nest in the southern Narlmarches. They try to track it down but it proves difficult as the tracks suddenly disappear into thin air. Above them however, they find a large nest on top of a very broad and tall tree. Doug decides to investigate and he climbs up the tree to find three unhatched dragon eggs. As he tries to investigate them, a shadow looms above him and a forest drake drops down and attacks. The fight proves difficult as the drake uses its acidic cloud to damage the party as well as flying above them in order to dodge their attacks. At one point she also flies into a nearby lake and emerges onto the other side in order to distract the party. When she is desperate she flies back to her nest and she eats her eggs and heals her wounds. The party, quite desperate at this point, burn its nest with an alchemist’s fire and she tries to flee. The only one fast enough to track her is Elania, as she morphs into a dinosaur and tries to track her down. The drake makes a turn around the forest and back to the nest. She then hides into a lake and tries to hide. Our party however manages to track her down and defeat her, underwater. They then drag her corpse on dry ground and cut off her head to present it as a bounty back in town.

Part 3: The Lonely Barrow

fantasy_undead_scarry_skeleton_black_evil_hd-wallpaper-175538.jpg When the party sells some of its loot, turns in their rewards and heals its wounds, they travel forth, to the abandoned crypt. When they come to its entrance they see its built into a stone face and completely dark. When they enter its first large chamber and light a torch, four bat swarms fly out down from the ceiling and attack. They prove quite a challenge as the bats slowly suck away blood and are extremely hard to hit. Doug‘s wand of burning hands and Elania’s fire spells come into play soon enough and manage to kill the bats eventually. As our heroes enter the next chamber, they find a large trap in the center of the room, with four statues staring into it. Doug manages to disable it and they explore the next chamber which is filled with standing coffins. As they enter the room, the coffins break and dozens of skeletons jump out of them, as well as in a similar room behind the party, effectively trapping them. As the party is forced to move back into the trapped middle chamber, a powerful skeleton warrior emerges from the last connected chamber and attacks them. He proves very deadly and almost downs one of them while raising the fallen skeletons around him. He also uses some kind of magic to block out their escape by caving in the entrance. Corvo’s morningstar proves the most effective as it eventually breaks the skeleton and his minions. Fearing that the warrior may still be alive, Doug runs back to town to bring back Jhod Kavken, as they need him to banish whatever evil entity might be still within the tomb. When he comes back a spirit emerges from the warriors corpse and re-materializes on a slab in the last chamber. Jhod quickly yells to Elania and Corvo to fall to the ground as he fires a powerful holy blast into the warrior and destroy it, as well as cave in the entire tomb.

Our heroes travel back to town and divide their spoils, while preparing for further adventure.


The party earns 4890 XP each:

  • 600 XP for befriending the Narthropple Expedition (gnomes)
  • 600 XP for defeating the scythe tree
  • 300 XP for killing the mad hermit
  • 400 XP for slaying the hodag
  • 600 XP for killing the overgrown fungus
  • 600 XP for slaying the drake
  • 1600 XP for clearing the lonely barrow (skeletons)
    +190 XP roleplay bonus

The party reaches level 6!

Kingmaker (session 7)
Rivers Run Red part 1: Home Sweet Home


Chapter 2: Rivers Run Red

Part 1: Home Sweet Home

Restored_Fantasy__Image_FOUND_ON_GOOGLE_.jpg As our heroes rid the bandit threat from the Stolen Lands, they found the capitol of their new nation in the, now abandoned, Stag Lord’s fort in the south. They name this capitol Dunwall. They appoint numerous leaders, each given a role in its fledgling nation:

Unfortunately, our heroes do not find enough people to fill all the positions and therefore the roles of General and Royal Assassin remain vacant, thus somewhat weakening the nation’s stability. Nevertheless, the capitol is born, and with it, all of its prestige and problems. Our heroes firstly try to gain as much land as possible, but this in turn weakens their stability and unrest rises steadily. They build farms and houses for their people to lower instability, but somehow, unrest still prevails. Sensing they have established their new nation well enough, they venture forth into the unexplored wild.

Kobolds.jpg After roaming the countryside, and camping there at night, our heroes encounter a kobold patrol. Sooner that later, the parties notice each other and try to communicate with each other. Our heroes try to convince the kobolds that they are friends of Sootscale, but encounter severe communication problems as the kobolds fail to understand them and attack. Our heroes slaughter the patrol, loot the bodies, and continue.

GiantSnappingTurtle.jpg They continue south of their capitol, navigating the bank of the southern lake that slowly rises into a cliff. After a while they come across a beach under the cliff near the water. Elania’s keen perception makes her notice something shining in the lake so they decide to investigate. They find a hidden path leading down the cliff and they follow it to the beach. They cautiously stop in front of the lake, as Elania shapeshifts into an electric eel and swims into the water to investigate. She finds an old crumbled remains of a ship at the bottom of the lake. She swims inside and, soon enough, a giant turtle attacks her from above. She flees out of the lake and the turtle swims ashore behind her. The turtle fiercely attacks the party but is slain soon enough. As they try to open its carcass, an acidic toxin sprays out and wounds the party somewhat. They however manage to open it up and find a decayed corpse inside. Not much of value is found, so they simple carve up some rations and continue.

ccsn.jpg Our heroes then decide to travel northeast to rid of the wolves that have apparently been bothering traveling merchants. They approach their known location and find a den inside a stone cliff. Corvo bravely ventures inside alone to investigate. When he does, a worg awakens in front of him and attacks, bringing his four wolf friends along for the feast. They surround Corvo and knock him down, while the rest of the party try to fend them off. After an almost troublesome battle, our heroes prevail. They cut off the worg’s head and bring it back with them to their capitol. They go to their inn to collect their reward, but the owner tells them that the person who posted this bounty hasn’t arrived yet. After some insight our heroes discover that the person who posted this bounty is an old druid, who bears a striking resemblance to Nugrah. Our heroes decide it’s best to hold on to the head and tell the owner to tell the druid to come find them if he wants his money.

werewolf_pirate_by_thedjib-d4y6pjj.jpg However, the town is plagued by yet another tragedy: apparently some creature has been terrorizing the peasants, killing dozens of sheep, and the night before, it killed two peasants. Our heroes decide to investigate and venture to the farm somewhat far away from the city where the killings took place. They find slaughtered sheep and realize that the killings were done at night, and that it is the last day of the full moon. They suspect the killer might be a werewolf so they start interrogating the populace. They find out that there was a suspicious visitor in town the night of the killings who arrived two days ago and hasn’t been seen since, but still has a room reserved at the inn. Our heroes pick the lock on the door and search the room for clues. They find a golden earring, with a torn ear attached to it. They decide to wait for the man to return so Doug hides under the bed and waits. Meanwhile, Elania shapeshifts into an eagle and flies to the farm with the slain sheep and waits there. Corvo decides to wait downstairs at the inn. Sure enough he suddenly hears screams and shrieks outside. He runs out to investigate and finds a slain woman on the ground. He tells Elania’s pet Guzo to sniff out a trail and it guides Corvo to an abandoned alley. When he peeks around the corner however, the werewolf charges towards him and attacks. Doug hears the sound of battle outside and runs to help. Without Elania to assist them, Doug, Corvo and Guzo almost die at the hands of the werewolf, but Corvo manages to cut off its head just before he keels over. Elania flies back and finds them lying unconscious and wounded and treats them as fast as she can.

After they recover, the town is relieved the killer is dead and goes back to their boring lives.


The party earns 2970 XP each:

  • 200 XP for defeating the kobolds
  • 400 XP for defeating Crackjaw
  • 400 XP for defeating the worgs
  • 1070 XP for defeating the werewolf barbarian
  • 800 nation advancement XP
Kingmaker (session 6)
Stolen Lands part 6: The Stag Lord's Fort

Excerpt_ph2_0309.jpg The party readies itself in Oleg‘s post before venturing to the Stag Lord’s fort. When they rest up, gather supplies and saddle up, they venture southwest to the fort. When they approach the fort they notice a long path leading upwards a barren hill, on top of which is a large palisade. The ground around the hill is filled with shrubbery and thorns and an almost swamp-like ground. Elania shapeshifts into an eagle and tries to scout over the fort. She notices that the area around the hillside winds for a long way and that it’s covered with a mystical mist. When she flies above the fort, she notices several archers atop towers and some of the archers notice her and shoot. Two arrows miss her but a third one hits her wing and she plummets down the hill and manages to land nearby the party.

zombieattack.jpg As she walks in eagle form back to the party, a zombie emerges behind her and attacks. Sensing she might be in danger, the rest of the party runs over to help. More zombies emerge and attack the party. After putting several of them back into the ground, the party tries to find a nearby spot to rest.

image-zombies-fantasy-art-artwork-desktop-hd-wallpaper-wallpaper-zombies-wallpaperwallpaper-image-fantasy-artwork-desktop-hd.jpg During the night, while Elania’s pet is guarding them, dead hands emerge around our heroes and start pulling them underground. Corvo manages to break free first and Elania soon after. Doug however does not, and gets pulled lower into the soggy ground. Corvo dashes over to help but several more zombies emerge around the party. Corvo however still manages to cut off the hands and pulls Doug above ground. They fend off the zombies and decide to call the kobolds for help the next morning.

TADPOLE_KOBOLD_GUARD_CAPTAIN_by_Noirrac.jpg They use the medallion and it shines brightly before it dissipates. Our heroes wait for the kobolds for the rest of the day and during the night, as the party camps near the road, they first notice a flash past them, as if an invisible creature was running with extreme speed towards the fort. After that, Chief Sootscale arrives with three of his kobold guards. They come up with a plan to infiltrate the fort, with the kobolds waiting near the fort, ready to spring to action as soon as trouble starts.

Stag_Lord1.jpg Doug scouts ahead and climbs the palisade. He jumps over and walks over to the gate. However, one of the two gate guards spot him and sound the alarm. As soon as the alarm is raised, the rest of the party, along with the kobolds run to the gate. They bash it furiously and manage to break it down while Doug fends off some of the bandits. When the rest of the party charges through the gate, the rest of the bandits join the fight as well as the Stag Lord and his lieutenants – Auchs; the primitive large bandit, Dovan; the rogueish fencer and Akiros; the armored bandit captain. After a brutal battle, Elania’s pet is slain once again. The rest of party is almost slain but they manage to kill off the bandits. During the battle, The Stag Lord jumps down amidst the party and throws a magical stone in a nearby steel gate which frees a raging owlbear, that charges towards him. The heroes barely manage to slay the owlbear and badly wound The Stag Lord and clear the fort.

blighted_druid_by_mscorley-d5tumd4.jpg Whilst looting however, they find a secret passage leading down into a cellar. Inside they find an old druid who reveals that he is The Stag Lord‘s father, Nugrah. He also reveals a lot of useful information: he claims responsibility for the risen zombies around the fort, the crows that were summoned over Oleg’s, summoning an unseen servant who ran to the fort earlier as well as providing some useful information about the naked woman who killed the unicorn – revealing her name as Nyrissa and that her presence is a bad omen. Nugrah asks the party if he can leave, but they decide to attack him instead. However, Nugrah casts a stop time spell and leaves on his own and disappears. When the heroes emerge from the basement they notice the Stag Lord has had his hand cut off and he tells them that Nugrah cut it off before he left. He tells the party his story as well as his father’s and asks the party to kill him. They do so, and amongst the bodies they find the ring that was lodged in the frog’s stomach before on one of the bandits’ fingers. They leave the fort with the Stag Lord’s body, as well as the body of Sneeg which they killed earlier.

They bring the Stag Lord’s body to Nettles crossing and give it to him. Nettles magically tears theStag Lord in two and then turns into water and slides back into the river. His magical ranseur washes on the shore as a reward. Elania then resurrects her companion through a ritual, while the rest of the party asks Jhod to consecrate the area around the fort, in order to clear the zombies.

When they return to Oleg’s they are rewarded for their good deeds and receive a large reward as well as permission from the nobles to colonize the Greenbelt.


The party earns 4075 XP each:

  • 535 XP for defeating zombies
  • 1940 XP for defeating the bandits
  • 1200 XP bonus for ridding the greenbelt of the bandit threat
  • 400 XP bonus for turned in quests

The party reaches level 5 and concludes chapter 1!

Kingmaker (session 5)
Stolen Lands part 5: Exploring the Greenbelt pt. 3 and Thorn River Camp

mite__simon_buckroyd.png After resupplying, our heroes explore deeper into the Stolen Lands. They decide to finish filling in the charter by exploring the west and south. Whilst exploring west, our heroes fall upon a group of berry gathering mites. Our heroes, decide to dispose of the runts. With almost zero resistance from the mites, our heroes swiftly cut off their heads before proceeding.

blindheim3.jpg After killing the mites our heroes go to the nearby frog pond in order to procure the ring that they saw before at the center of the lake. Elania transforms herself into a giant frog and cautiously approaches the pond while the others stay back. She approaches the pond and jumps in. She tries to find the ring where she last saw it and realizes that it disappeared and that there is a huge bite mark in the sand where it used to be. She decides to search around and notices two small caves under the two waterfalls. She goes back to the party and brings them along. They then proceed into the cave and notice about a half of dozen giant frogs, with the ring nowhere to be seen. The party decides to kill of the beasts, and after a short fight, they manage to slay half of the frogs and the rest retreat into a nearby hole. Elania, still shapeshifted, tries to follow them into the hole and after a while the hole leads out of the side of the cliff, with the frogs nowhere to be seen. The party decides to search the other cave.

7831350_orig.gif When they enter the other cave they notice it’s very similar but there are no frogs to be seen. All there is, is a large hole leading downward filled with water. Our heroes jump into the hole and swim downward. After swimming down the hole, the hole winds up and the water recedes into a large underground cave. Elania peeks over the water with her frog’s eyes and notices a huge frog which is jumping around the cavern and eating human corpses. Our heroes decide to wait for their water breathing spell to end and attack the toad. After a fearsome fight, the toad swallows Elania. When she finds herself in the toad’s stomach, she notices a ring, lodged deep into the frog’s stomach. However, she decides to cut out of the frog’s stomach instead and manages to pull herself out. They continue to fight the toad and during the fight, it manages to slay Elania’s pet, Đoki. Then the frog manages to down the rest of the party and flees into the back of the cave and jumps into another hole filled with water. One of the party members manages to stabilize himself and pours healing potions into the mouths of the other party members, however Đoki is beyond saving. The rest of the party flee the cave and travel back to the temple to rest.

thylacine.jpg After resting, the party decides to explore in another direction and they travel southwest. After traveling through the thick forest, they come across a man-made pit, overgrown with vines and sticks. Doug decides to investigate and when he approaches the hole, the ground near it gives way and Doug falls straight into the pit with a trapped thylacine. It attacks and with the help of the rest of the party outside, they slay the beast. They climb outside and venture forth.

spiderswarm_web_01_by_prodigyduck-d89iuid.png After exploring southeast, the party sets on a fangberry patch in between a small valley. When the party tries to gather the berries, they get attacked by several spider swarms. Corvo gets attacked from all sides and small spiders crawl all over him. Doug however uses a wand of burning hands he found earlier and after a first failure, the second time he manages to shoot it and burns most of the spiders around Corvo, as well as a lot of the patch. The party recuperates somewhat and decides to gather the rest of the berries. Elania almost dies from all the hidden fangberry thorns and they manage to procure quite a lot of batches. They leave for Oleg’s.

Thorn River Camp

Kressle.PNG After traveling back to Oleg’s and giving the fangberries to Bokken, he tells them that he can make several potions from these but it will take some time. Before venturing forth, Elania goes to the forest and summons a bear companion to replace her previous one. Then our heroes venture to the bandit camp in order to eradicate it. When they approach, Doug stealthily approaches on of the outer watchtowers and climbs it. He stealthily kills the archer above and manages to hide him before the archer on the other tower sees him. He disguises himself into the archer and shoots the archer on the other tower with an entangling arrow and it roots him to the tower. However, the archer manages to throw a thunderstone down the tower to alert the others. The rest of the bandits gather under the tower and take positions around the perimeter. Doug decides to shoot the archer again and manages to kill him. He then attacks the bandit guarding the entrance to the camp and the rest of the party charges towards the camp. They engage with the rest of the bandits as well as their leader, a woman named Kressle. The party manages to kill them off, but Kressle tries to escape. She runs off into the forest, but the party catches her on horseback and slays her. The party loots the camp and find several parts of worthy equipment and some bottles marked with the stag lords emblem. The party leaves camp and rests in the nearby forest.

Exploring the Greenbelt

After returning to Oleg’s, Bokken gives the party several potions that he made from the fangberries. The party decides to explore the rest of the northern Greenbelt. They stop by the fairy dragon nest in the middle of the forest and ask Pervilash if he has and directions for them. He tells them of several locations and our heroes explore further:

b088c185afd01cbbf6e6b67576f6e975.jpg One of the things they come across is a barbarian cairn in the northern steppe of the Greenbelt. They unearth the stones and notice a skeleton buried beneath, with the only thing worth taking is a ring of swimming. The party takes the ring and put the stones back over the grave. They decide to not interfere further and venture forth.

statue_erastil.jpg Further down the forest they come a cross a statue of Erastil. Upon further examination they notice, that there are no animals close to the statue as if they were avoiding it. After a while, the statue speaks to the heroes and tells them that if they clear the growth that has grown over its base, it will help them on their quest. The heroes do so and the statue blesses their weapons as they become keen.

Half-celestial_unicorn.jpg Whilst exploring west of the statue, our heroes come across a dead unicorn. After some examination they realize that its horn had been cut off and that the unicorn was apparently blind before it died. Elania uses her wild call to call forth a nearby bear and asks him what he saw happened. The bear tells them he saw a naked floating woman who appeared out of nowhere with the unicorn. She then touched the unicorn and it fell to the ground, dead. Then she disappeared. Elania also revealed a faint necromancy aura around the unicorn. The party decides to bury the unicorn and when they do, the spirit of Erastil appears over the grave and disappears. When it does, the party feels somewhat magically empowered.

rocks-bridges-fantasy-artwork-1920x1080.jpg Exploring south, our party finds a rickety bridge, leading over a river far below. When the party tires to cross it, they succeed, except for Elania‘s new pet who, upon stepping on one of the bridge’s rickety boards, breaks the bridge and falls down. It lands on some rocks and injures itself quite badly. They somehow manage to pull the bear up and proceed.

9999537d39d857ffd783e532ac70b5ca.jpeg After returning to camp, our heroes decide to go back to the frog pond and as they do, they notice dead frogs all around the lake, with the huge frog also slain nearby. They all have their stomachs disemboweled and are cut into pieces. There are some tracks leading to the southern river and when Elania tracks them to the river, she notices they disappear after that. Sensing no one nearby, the party goes back to Oleg’s.

They sell their loot and rest and find another wanted poster for The Stag Lord.


The party earns 1600 XP each:

  • 200 XP for defeating the mite patrol
  • 300 XP for defeating the frogs
  • 265 XP for defeating the trapped thylacine
  • 135 XP for defeating the spider swarms
  • 635 XP for destroying the bandit camp

+65 XP bonus for fully exploring two hexes of the map


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